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It's time to take the comic industry back, and we're starting with digital comics!

Let's face it. ComiXology (Amazon), Marvel, DC, Image... They are all taking most of your hard-earned money away in one way or another. They aren't giving you what you need to make a living doing what you love. They aren't moving the industry forward. They're eager to take most of your profits while you, the driving force of the entire industry, can barely make ends meet with your passion.

It's been this way for decades and now we're calling them out! We're building a creative community and online marketplace for comics that has but one purpose; to put the money back into the hands of the creators where it belongs.

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But how is that even possible?

We Are Changing
the Rules

We are rethinking everything about the comic industry. We are starting by creating a brand new mobile app and web site that sells and displays online comics, only we're doing it better.
Here's what we are working on bringing to you, as you read this.

Much, much higher profits for Creators.

Our biggest mission is to put the money back into the hands of the creators. Comic Rebel gives 70% of the profit back to you, instead of the 35% given back by other major digital publishers.

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Complete Sales Report Transparency

Get detailed reports on what is selling, who's buying what and what the current market trends are per genre, age demographic and other metrics.

All of our sales data is free to members.

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Reach Your Targeted Audience

We have a matchmaking service that uses machine learning to introduce readers to titles that they will love based on their own preferences and tastes.

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A Better Rating System

Readers will be able to rate your comic based on story, art, characters and other metrics. These ratings will only be viewable by the creators that created them, serve as a tool to better understand a comic's audience and to help the creator grow as a storyteller.

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Earn money with our referral system.

When you refer a friend to become a part of the Comic Rebel community, you will earn a percentage of sales from their comics. What's even better? If they refer a friend, you'll make money on that, too! Believe it or not, it gets even better than that!

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Build Teams, Collaborate, and Make Long-Standing Friends

The best way to gather an army and change the industry is to have a home where we, as comic creators, can all come together and learn from one another. This robust community of creatives is the perfect place for you to build your career.

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Become a Legend!

We track all of your amazing accomplishments through the community and marketplace and reward you with badges, skill points and other perks that are public alongside your portfolio and resume. We make sure you look as good as possible when others check you out!

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Writing and Story Development Tools

The community will include some really cool tools for laying out stories in different common story formats like the "3 Act Structure", "The Hero's Journey" and more.

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The Comic Rebel Super Heroes

Our Team

These are the mad scientists behind the curtain that are working hard to make the indie comic industry a better place.


Danger Dean



Alyssa Cummins


We Need Your Help!

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We need an army in order to take the industry back. That means, we need you! Sign up at the bottom so we can let you know when we're ready, which is any week now!

Enroll and Submit Your Comic Now!

Great news! Comic Rebel is now accepting your indie comic submissions! We use a custom platform that we built specifically for publishing comics to Comic Rebel. It's called Creatosis and it's been designed specifically for comic creators.

As soon as we have enough submissions to fill up our marketplace, we'll go live with our Comic Rebel mobile app, which will allow your fans to find your comic, purchase it and read it on their mobile devices!

All you have to do is head over to, sign up for a free account and submit your digital comic for the marketplace!

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